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Merlina Magical....mommy.wife.friend and a french toast addict

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Myrlyn De Leon




August 14th, 2007

i shall return!

of course!

my last entry was way back May 16. 2 days more and it will now be exactly 3 months since i last posted an entry. yes, we were all busy...with work, at home, with our businesses...ei, don't forget to thank God for giving you something to be busy of. 

anyway, my last entry discussed my first 2 weddings for this year....and oh yes, the last one scheduled (as i write this entry) was last july 8. such a wonderful wedding. i will never forget it also. very memorable for me since it was my biggest wedding for the year...so far, see their ONSITE AVP...i hope to have more clients in the future...

how am i writing this blog? i am definitely not in the office, but yes, i am working...from home...since i am sick and i still have to work..oh my... =(

have to go back to work... ciao!

May 16th, 2007

one more time

hope i will be able to end this one successfully...tried again...after a few minutes...grrrr!!!!!

2 weddings came to pass already...

july 29, 2007 
chapel on the hill
chateau royale

my favorite couple. they are aware of the services that they got from us...not demanding but very supportive and understanding...even their family members were very very overwhelming...all the guests stayed until the program ended.. and take note, the program lasted for almost 4 hours and yet..every minute is full of happiness...i will never forget this wedding...to jopet and daria, God bless you more!!!

may 1, 2007
manila cathedral
traders hotel

i hated the events coordinator of the hotel....very very rude...gay yet very rude and unapproachable...he feels like he owns the place...oh forget about him...the wedding turned out well also, there were a few glitches but we were able to manage on the later part.....the couple prepared their own wedding program and it went well also...

i still have 3 weddings coming...may 26, june 29 and july 8 (hey London based couple ito)!!!!!

been a while

ayoko na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!

i was doing several entries already.... but everytime i came to end the story...laging nag baback yung page.......grrrrrr....nakakainis dito sa netopia!!!! ang hirap ng walang internet sa bahay!!!!!ggrrrrrr!!!!!!!

March 13th, 2007

work work work!!!!


i am glad to inform all of you that i have a day job again! whew! tagal ng processing but
it is well worth it...at least me and my family will get to enjoy the benefits of the company.
as for the salary...not bad...barely close to what i was asking them...HIHIHI!!!

but don't worry....TULOY ANG KASALAN!!!
i won't stop coordinating weddings pa rin...anyway, i have someone who can take care of
the business for me so why will i leave it over....

may God continue to shower us with blessings!!!!


February 25th, 2007

enter - NET


the internet service in taytay area experienced trouble for a couple of days...
according to pldt customer service agent (i forced her to open her mouth!!!)
it was a problem with the multiplexer....

the customer, has the very right to know what is going on..right?

going back...it went back i think yesterday...i have been out of the wedding
industry for a few days....my it is sooooo hard to live without the internet
when you are used to having it a part of your daily living....

i'd like to make some "kwento" about our wedding last feb23.....IT WAS SOOO SUCCESSFUL!!!
i would like to thank ms sam for having me there as one of her coordinators...
i am so thankful for the hands on training she gave me...the couple though were having a
few problems, because of what they ate the night before the BigDay...(lessons for those who are
planning their weddings, do not eat too much before your wedding day!)
anyways, it was still very much successful compared to the ones we previously handled...
i can say it's perfect, and i've learned a lot from it and i will definitely use everything that i have learned
on my own events planning service...

thank you thank you ms sam..you're an angel!!!

February 15th, 2007

briefing day

yep...it's briefing day today for feb 23 wedding..

ooopps not my wedding though, i was just asked to assist by a good friend who happens
to be a wedding coordinator also. =)

by the way, it's weddings and debut fair at sm megatrade hall...

Do Come!

February 14th, 2007

de-to arimasen

tara's wedding
It's Valentine's!

Yep..we're not dating now...He's got work and i have too!

We're happy though...Love will always be inside our hearts!

Happy Heart's Day!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and counting


just booked another client for april 29 wedding...
    church: chapel on the hill in don bosco batulao
    reception : days hotel tagaytay

clap clap clap!!!

pencil booked another one for june 16 at la vista pansol

clap clap clap!!!

thank you for your trust!

February 9th, 2007


you really cannot tell what other people might be thinking...

why is it that when you wanted to help them achieve what they want, they can't give what
is due to you in return.

ok. ok. i helped someone get a client...and yes, you're right, we had an agreement. did not
come from me though, it was an offer... and after it materialized...*POP* i'm out of the picture already...

sigh sigh...it makes me so disappointed. after all, i trusted the person truly.

i guess i still should look at the bright side....i was able to help someone...

that's all!

February 4th, 2007

fund raising

don't know if i am doing the right thing...

i was invited to put an advertisement in one of the well-known wedding books and
wedding guide magazines here in the Philippines.

but the thing is, of course, you have to pull out some of your fund to finance the said
advertising. but that some, as of this time, is kinda big amount already...

what i did...because i have been soooo long wanting to be included in this, made a
solicitation letter which i will give to my close friends, acquaintances, relatives, former
officemates, politicians, shops...more like that...

is that too much for what i want? i needed exposure and i need to reach as many clients
as possible and i thought that will be a BIG opportunity for my wedding business...

want to hear what you guys have to say...

here's my ad material by the way....

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